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Schwäbische Jungfrau has been a household name since 1720,  producing fine table, bed and terry cloth linens.

The essential philosophy of our company, is based on superior quality, a tasteful sense of style and excellent service.

Schwäbische Jungfrau was awarded the Austrian National Coat of Arms award for outstanding services.


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Hanni Vanicek Profilbild

Ms. Hanni Vanicek

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email: shop@zsj.at

Theodor Vanicek Profilbild

Mr. Theodor Vanicek
Owner Family
private customer support

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mobile: +43.699.190.48.918
email: tv@zsj.at

Lia-Marie Vanicek Profilbild

Mrs. Lia-Marie Vanicek
Owner Family
private customer support

mobile: +43.660.391.61.13
email: lmv@zsj.at

Martina-Christina Lakos Profilbild

Mrs. Martina-Christina Lakos
Executive Assistent
marketing & press

mobile: +43.660.102.79.02
email: mcl@zsj.at

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