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Johanna Vanicek

At the of 21, Johanna Vanicek, now internationally known as "Linen Lady", took over the business of "Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau".

As an established linen business, she succeeded in turning it into an internationally known laundry supply business.

Under her father´s mantra: to all things belongs talent, luck and diligence, she still oversees the business to this day. her success is a testament.

Through her son and his wife´s cooperation as well as her Viennese and international customers, the continued existence of "Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau" is guaranteed.

Johanna Vanicek, will actively continue to support, as the soul of the company, her successors with heart and mind.






Theodor Vanicek Junior

Since 2006, Theodor Vanicek Jr. supports his aunt hanni at ""Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau". Permanent training, as well as several internships among one of the largest fabric traders Hahne & Schönberg in Germany, we are pleased to call Mr. Vanicek our fabric expert.

His friendly and customer-oriented nature allowed him to travel beyond seas where he had the privilige to provide the products for a Sultan´s wedding. Accuracy and an eye for detail are some of his greatest strengths, with which he draws a line for the business as well as to consciously stand out form the mainstream.

He is happy to fulfill individual wishes, even if with tight deadlines, because his customers´satisfaction is of high priority.

The ever-cheerful, succes-oriented family father would like to adapt the business to a modern age in the coming years. To do so, he is currently working with his team on an exclusive online store with an up to date homepage to become more accessible to his international clients.

In spite of all this, he does not want to reinvent the family business, since tradition and viennese craftmanship are important to him. That is the reason why he is not only seen at the store at Graben but also at the atelier in the 8th district to do daily quality control checks of the produced bed and table linens.

He can be contacted via email at .



Lia-Marie Vanicek

In 2014, Theodor got his wife Lia-Marie on board, who now, after the births of their 2 children, actively supports him in communication matters.

Thanks to her international experience as well as her language skills, foreign customers are in the best of hands which rounds off the family business well.

Hanni Vanicek Profilbild

Ms. Hanni Vanicek

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Theodor Vanicek Profilbild

Mr. Theodor Vanicek
Owner Family
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Lia-Marie Vanicek Profilbild

Mrs. Lia-Marie Vanicek
Owner Family
private customer support

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Mrs. Martina-Christina Lakos
Executive Assistent
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